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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Unholy Scriptures

What I am about to present is something that I have been working on for a few weeks now.  The Unholy Scriptures was written to mock the Jehovah Witness bible "The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. " This was written just for the fun of it so don't be alarmed.  The full version of The Unholy Scriptures will be available in a couple of days.  Some verses are not included with this version because they may be offensive to some viewers, meaning they are sexually explicit.

There are no gods before me for I am my own God.

I am Satan, the Adversary, the opposite of good.  I am the accuser, the Lord of Fire, the inferno.  I am the south.
I am Lucifer, the bringer of light.  I am the enlightenment and air and the morning star.  I am the east.
I am Belial, the wicked one, I am without a master.  I am the baseness of the earth and independence.  I am the north.
I am Leviathan, the serpent of the seas.  I am the west.

The Xians say we are evil but, as you can see, that is not so.  Look at the millions of people who have been slaughtered in the name of Jehovah.  Tell us, who is evil now?
While the Xians stand in our line of judgment, we, Satanists, stand together in the Organization that stands firm.
We know the way to true indulgence, the path that leads to our freedom.  And while we make ourselves plentiful, the Xians will sit back and do nothing.

Through wisdom, knowledge and power, we stand above all others.  We will not bow before anything or anyone for our true nature is serving ourselves.

In the beginning was the word and the word was with Satan.  The same was with the beginning because all things were made by him for without him these things would not be made.  Through Satan there was life and this life gave light to every living creature.  The life that gave light in the darkness became ever so brighter.  Satan, the creator of all things, gave life to every living thing that came into the world.

Praise Satan’s name with a whole and mighty heart for he does marvelous works.

Ask not what Satan can do for you but what you can do for Satan.

Blessed are they who walk in the counsel of Satan.
Blessed are they who keep their own commandments.
Blessed are they who smite their enemies hip and thigh.
Blessed are they who hate the Messiah with a whole and mighty heart.
Blessed are they who spits in the face of Christ.
Blessed are they who refuse to hear lies.

Like the god they worship, the Xians are cold, heartless, and cruel.  They have been that way since the beginning of time and they aren’t about to change now.

I am the wild who can not be tamed and forever I will be free.

The Xians consider us evil and wicked, but look at the things they have done.

Jehovah’s word is detestable and so I will burn the Holy Bible every Satanic Holiday.  I hate the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit and with Satan’s mighty sword I will strike them down.

As I have said Many times before, I will not let the thoughts of God enter my mind for I refuse to be part of the enslavement.

I drink from the cup of forbidden pleasures.  I see the truth in all lies.  I eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and now my eyes have opened and I have become like God, and the sweetness on my tongue is forever more.

Teach me, Satan, the way of your statutes and I will keep them to the end.  Give me understanding and I will keep your Law.  I will observe it with a whole heart.
Make me go into the paths of Darkness for therein I do find delight.  Incline my heart to your testimonies and for this I will not refrain from my indulgences.

As I walk in the paths of Darkness, I do seek your knowledge and for this I will speak of you.  I will not be ashamed.  I will delight myself in your books which I have loved for so long and I will meditate day and night.  Help me understand your ways, Almighty Satan, and I will talk and write of your works.  It is your knowledge that caused my heart to overflow with joy.

Give me the power and knowledge that I so desire for I do believe in your works.  Before I was afflicted with guilt and confusion and so I went astray.  But now I have come to my senses and I am ready to be like you.  You are good to me and because of this the Xians have forged a lie against me.  It does not matter for I have learned your ways.

O Satan, how I love your Law!  It is meditation day and night.  Through your ways I have been made wiser than any of my enemies for they are far beneath me.  I have more understanding than all of my teachers because you have given it to me.  I understand more than the ancient gods and goddesses because I continue to walk in the path of Darkness.  I will never depart from you.  Satan, you have taught me well.  O how sweet your works are to my taste; they are sweeter than anything I have ever tasted.

Hail Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the infernal Lord of Hell!
Be with me, Almighty Satan, as I perform this Unholy ceremony
Guide me through the darkest of life’s challenges and help me keep my faith in you strong.  Give me the strength to conquer my fears, to understand that life is full of uncertainties.  Make my enemies perish with whatever means necessary.  Watch over me, Almighty Satan, and keep me from harm.  Walk with me today and every day.
During this Unholy ceremony, I dedicate my mind, body, and soul.
Hail Satan!

The Will of Satan is the Law.  The gifts of sin are the deeds done in this world for he who strengthens the self gains mastery of the self.

(c) Copyright by Infinity Diabolus

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