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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Pleasant Life Can Be When We Least Expect It

I woke up this morning, logged into Facebook, and got a pleasant surprise from Venus Satanas.  Oh, yeah!  I just about died.  Apparently, she likes the project I'm working on and said she would be posting the link to this blog on Spiritual Satanist and that she is following it and also subscribed to it.  How awesome is that?  Well, I think it's pretty fucking awesome myself.  If she could only see the smile she brought to my face,  then she would know just how much it really means to me.

Today was very busy.  I spent a good portion of it working on my website which I have to say, absolutely rocks.  I love how the images turned out for the background and, of course, I have a black and white pentagram on the front page.  I'm really impressed with myself.  I enjoy setting up websites and designing them myself cause it really shows that I put a lot of work into my projects.  I wouldn't have it any other way. The design on this blog is what I used for the background.  I uploaded the images from my computer so I could use them.

People ask me if I have someone design websites for me and when I tell them I do it all myself and I show them what I've done, they tell me I'm pretty intelligent.  I'll admit it, I AM. 

The artwork I can do myself cause I am also a self-taught artist.  That is all I did in school and I ended up being called a "devil worshipper" because of the skulls I drew and stuff like that.  As if that makes you a devil worshipper.  I hate people sometimes.  Some people are just plain ignorant.  I can't stand them!  That was around '89 and I was just a ninth grader during the Satanic Panic.  Lucky me.  I did think it was funny when Geraldo Rivera got his nose broken although someone should've stepped on his head.  Makes me mad thinking about the crap they stirred back then.  What fucking hell I went through at home though.

I had bought The Satanic Bible from this kid at school which didn't help matters any and I had left it on my desk when I had gone to school the next day.  Well, my mom had just finished doing laundry (so she said) and put my clothes away when she happened to see The Satanic Bible.  She went through the roof.  She threw it away which I didn't have a chance to read, picked up my sister at her apartment cause she had errands to do, and told her about it.  My sister, having experience and all, had to come to the rescue.  She bought me this book at the drug store called "Satan's Underground," by Lauren Stratford or something like that and they made me read it hoping it would scare me.  Naw!  I weren't scared.  I just grew more interested in what Satanism was really about.  Now, look at me.  I'm a Satanist.  How ironic is that?

My sister wasn't a Satanist at all.  Just because her and her doped up husband (and they were all on drugs) burned the Holy Bible, burned crosses upside down, and would burn money, doesn't make you a Satanist.  Besides, my sister killed herself with a gun in June of 2008.  Does that make her a Satanist?  No it doesn't.  She didn't have what it took.  I do.  Afterall, I'm still standing and I will be the last one to fall.

So anyway, back to my busy day.  I carved and painted pumpkins with the kids.  I have two boys and one girl.  Damon is ten, William is 8, and Susan is 13.  I have my hands full that's for sure.  I was trying to cook supper and work on the computer too and the food started to burn on the stove.  My daughter started coughing, opened a window, and said, "Mom, get in here!  You're going to kill us with your cooking."  I couldn't help from laughing.  It was funny how she said it.  We have good times together.  All we do is laugh at the funniest things we say.  And we do say some pretty silly things.

Another good thing that happened today is that I finally found a name for Infinity.  Infinity Pride who walks in stride. Lol!

Well, it's getting late and I think I'm going to finish my Smirnoff and head off to dream land.  I wonder what I'll dream about tonight?  Hmmm, I'll have to wait and see.

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