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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Professionals Aren't Always Right

Doctors can be a real pain in the ass and I don't care if they're professionals with medical certificates, they don't know a patients body better than the patient does.  In fact, I think some doctors are a bunch of quakes and it's pretty sad when I have to tell them how to do their damn job.

I have a central line catheter that goes directly into my heart and this is because I have pulmonary hypertension.  For the past two months I've been having problems with the incision site and it gets all itchy and my skin is so dry from the harsh weather we have here in Maine.  Because I've had this thing in my body for two years now on the right side of my chest my skin is breaking down from the cleaning and bandages and my body is telling me that it is time to change it and put it on the other side.  Unfortunately, the doctors don't want to put me through the trauma of having it removed and put back in cause it is sorer than a mother fucker when it's done but I would rather go through that than have itchy burning skin 24/7, and this makes the second time in a month that they put me on antibiotics.  It's like, "Hello, you dumb mother fuckers.  Instead of doctoring the problem up with a quick fix, why not just get to the bottom of the problem and be done with it?"  Putting me on antibiotics is only a quick fix and yes, it takes care of the problem temporarily but when I'm finished taking them the problem comes back three days later.

I guess fixing the problem is too much work for the assholes.  The problem is when they wait too long and it gets so infected, I have to go into the hospital  and be treated with antibiotics for two weeks through an IV. They don't like for me to leave and I'm pretty much there for a month. One group of doctors want the catheter to come out but the other group wants to save it and so I sit there until someone makes up their minds.

Eventually, it will get taken care of but it's just the idea of putting up with the itching and the burning.  However, I will just keep doing what I'm doing until they realize I've been right along.

The point is, no matter how professional a person is, they aren't always right.  Even though they don't like to admit it, they make mistakes too.  Sometimes, they make too many.

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